Bus Advertising

Champion King Bus Advertising / Party Bus Advertising

KNOXIE MEDIA bus advertising will take your message and brand story directly to potential clients – driving brand awareness, client engagement, and client conversion. A multi-media lead generation & entertainment event opportunity!!!

Your Brand, message, logo, and image will be prominently placed on our Champion King Bus or Party Bus. The bus will travel custom routes. This is unique. There will be no passengers. This is solely to showcase your brand in targeted zip codes around your place of business.

Our Program also includes Entertainment Venues and Sporting Events. All attendees will be impacted by your brand, at eye level.


Keys To Program Success

• MOBILIZED MESSAGING – Take your message to where your audience works, lives, and plays during key times and dates.

• FOCUSED ENGAGEMENT – Our buses and your messaging speaks directly to shoppers, diners, event attendees, casual passer-byers, professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and motorists as well.

• VISIBILITY – It’s a wrap!  Our bus will be custom wrapped to include your brand message and story.

• LEVELED UP – Large Format Messaging at eye level – disrupting visual habits.

• QR CODE and tracking included.

• VISUALLY UNAVOIDABLE – You do not have to reply on the consumer to buy a magazine, read a digital ad, turn on the radio or television to see or hear your brand story. Buses stand out and so will your brand and brand message.